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Ami canserbero, Oldaltérkép - Nemzetközi Obszervatórium

ami canserbero

Career[ edit ] At the age of eleven, he began performing rap performances under the stage name of Canserbero, [7] [11] [12] a jargon of Latinism cerbero dog in Latin fogaskerekű foltok, canis cerberus meaning "guardian", [11] an allusion to Cerberus of Greek mythology.

Inhis mother died and was left under the care of his father.

Canserbero Ft. Benik Fernandes - Los Últimos (con Letra)

On January 20,Canserbero was found dead in front of his apartment. The artist is supposed to be found from the tenth floor of the Camino Real building in the Andrés Bello urbanization in Maracay.

ami canserbero

Molnar was killed that same day by stabbing. On the other hand, the Ombudsman of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, in March of the same year, reopened the case, since there are other additional details that straighten some hypotheses of the "witnesses".

ami canserbero

The first hypothesis is based on the fact that the kitchen window was made of romanillas and all the glasses were previously removed, which causes intrigue, ami canserbero the "presumed" psychotic state in which Canserbero was used at the ami canserbero of launching. While suffering from depression although family members said that he was not suffering from any mental illnesshe was asked by Carlos Molnar, bassist for Zion TPL, ami canserbero stay with him.

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